Sunday, October 19, 2008

Noel Sheppard -Coeus International School

This blog is about Noel Sheppard, a man who has been teaching since 1979. Though many of my other pages say Noel Sheppard as the name. I am not Noel Sheppard. Rather I am the spokesperson, the advocate to all the victims of Noel Sheppard. I am their voice. The voice of all those young people who went to the school board and said Noel Sheppard is abusing me, the voice of all those people who were silenced, by parents who stood up for this man, by the board who turned these people away.
It is an injustice I am seeing here. That this man is still in that school with those children.
Noel Sheppard would put young children into detention for little things, as little as dropping a pencil. They would be sent to detention, he would then precede by turning on music like Bruce Springsteen, Emmylou Harris, The Beatles, and while he played that music he would say 'you've been a bad girl', 'you're such a dirty girl', nasty things like that, while rubbing his hardened penis against their backs.
As I write these words I am shaking. Because when these young children went to the school board to tell the people about what this man was doing to them, they turned these children away. The parents banded together, 'He's our teacher, our beloved teacher, he could never do such a thing'. They called these children liars. Turned them away, protected this Teacher Noel Sheppard as if they had been there in that room with Noel Sheppard.
These parents, these teachers, these accomplices for these deeds. Are despicable, despicable for silencing these precious children, for siding with the Monster. How dare you call yourselves parents, teachers. How dare you. And Noel Sheppard, you sick sick Bastard.
He is a child molester, verbally and emotionally abusive. For all the people who stood up for this man, for all the people who stood by when they tried to speak out. Shame on you. I hope there is a day when someone finds the strength to sue your sorry asses.
The School Board for denying them, for still keeping him there despite the many people who went to you, for silencing them. Noel Sheppard for being the one to do these acts. And to the parents who stood up for them. Who defended this man they thought...think they know to the grave.
May the day come that you make up for what you've done.